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Florida Truck Accident Statistics

Since Florida has many ports, it also has many commercial trucks. Trucks move cargo from the port areas through the rest of the nation. Unfortunately, a large number of trucks on the roads also means a higher risk of Florida car accidents involving trucks. According to the statistics released by The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT):

1) More than 500, 000 truck accidents occur annually across the country. In 2008, there were 11,500 Florida trucking accidents. These accidents lead to 290 fatalities and more than 6,400 injuries. Medium trucks with four rear tires accounted for 72 fatal accidents and 2,596 injuries that year. Heavy trucks contributed 77 fatalities and 1,939 injuries. Tractor-trailers accounted for 145 fatalities and 1,867 injuries.

2) Each year, commercial truck accidents result in about 5,000 fatalities across the nation. In 2008, 4,229 people in the US died in trucking accidents.

3) Of the 2008 fatalities related to truck accidents, 3,139 of the people who lost their lives in trucking accidents were passengers in vehicles other than a truck. Another 413 people were bicyclists or pedestrians. In 2008, 430 truck drivers and truck passengers were killed in truck accidents.

4) Multi-vehicle truck accidents claimed the lives of 247 truck occupants in 2008.

5) Truck accidents are most common in the daytime and in rural areas. In 2008, 68% of US fatal truck accidents took place outside of city areas. 66% of these fatal accidents took place in the daytime.

6) The trucking industry made $610 billion in revenues in 2008 and the number is expected to more than double by 2015. Between 1997 and 1999, the average cost of a trucking accident was $62,613.

7) In 2008, 9 people were killed and 171 were injured in Florida by riding in the bed of a truck. Most of the injuries and deaths involved persons between the ages of 15 and 44.