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Why are Davie Truck Accidents Caused by Distracted Driving and Fatigued Driving Still an Issue?

Although much research has been done into fatigued driving and although truck drivers are well aware of the dangers of driving while tired, fatigued driving continues to cause Davie car accidents – as well as truck accidents across the country. This is despite awareness campaigns as well as federal rules aimed at reducing drowsy driving. Distracted driving is similar – despite awareness campaigns and rules, drivers continue to drive distracted and cause accidents due to this decision.

There are many reasons why fatigued driving and distracted driving continue to cause Davie truck accidents. One reason for distracted driving, for example, is that many drivers feel they can handle distractions. Studies have shown that many drivers of passenger cars, for example, do not feel that they will cause a Davie car accident by texting or talking while driving. Many drivers overestimate their driving abilities or incorrectly assume that a “second” of driving distraction will not lead to a collision.

Another problem with distracted driving is that in today’s world there are more distractions than ever before, competing for driver attention. There are more street signs as well as more mobile devices and distractions in cars and trucks. In many cases, drivers feel that they need to multitask while driving, and this can easily lead to Davie pedestrian accidents and traffic accidents.

Truck carriers may also be partly responsible for fatigued driving and distracted driving if they establish policies which do not allow drivers to drive safely. For example, if truck companies establish unreasonable deadlines for drivers, drivers may be forced to drive even when they are tired. If truck carriers expect to be able to reach drivers at all times on their cell phones, this can encourage drivers to talk on their phones while driving. If truck companies set these types of rules and drivers attempting to follow these rules cause a Davie truck accident, the carrier may be held partly liable for any injuries that result.

Another issue is that drivers may not be aware of sleep apnea and other conditions which make them fatigued. In many cases, fatigue is not caused just by lack of sleep but rather by a medical condition. Sleep apnea, for example, causes sufferers to wake up frequently during the night. Patients may wake up and not realize that they have had a poor sleep, but they face sleep deprivation and are at risk of a traffic collision. Even a simple cold can cause poor sleep and fatigued driving. Worse, the over the counter and prescription medications that many drivers may take for a cold or other conditions may cause drowsiness and may affect driving ability as well.

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