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What Businesses Can Do to Prevent Delivery Truck Collisions in Hollywood and Other Florida Communities

Local businesses in Hollywood and across Florida rely on delivery trucks to bring in inventory, distribute products, and deliver items to customers. While big rigs, tractor trailers, and delivery vans help the economy, they also pose a serious challenge for businesses. No business wants a truck carrying their products to be involved in a serious crash. Fortunately, there are things that businesses can do to prevent this from happening:

1) Hire the right trucking company.

Businesses vote with their dollars, just like customers do. When hiring a truck carrier or delivery service, business owners have every right to choose a truck carrier with an excellent safety record. This not only can protect a company legally, but it can reduce the risk of a trucking accident. Before hiring a truck carrier or entrusting company products with a trucking company, ask questions. What is the company’s safety record? Which drivers will be delivering the products? What screening processes are in place to select and hire the right drivers?

2) Create a written policy for truck safety.

Preventing traffic crashes in Hollywood or your city is not just luck. Having a plan ensures that delivery drivers and others working for your company understand what they need to do in order to drive safely. Your written plan for your truck drivers may include a “no cell phone use while driving” rule or may require drivers to get additional training before starting work.

delivery truck crashes

How safe are your delivery trucks?

3) Avoid last-minute and rush deliveries.

Giving truck drivers and truck companies adequate time to make deliveries helps reduce trucking collisions in Hollywood or your community because it reduces the chances that drivers will speed or will stay awake past the point of safety in order to make a tight deadline. Of course, in some businesses and industries, tight deadlines are the norm. In many cases, though, a little advance planning can help prevent last-minute rushes that can contribute to truck and car accidents in Hollywood.

4) Hire the right drivers.

Driver error is a leading cause of traffic collisions across the country. When hiring delivery drivers or truck drivers for your company, make sure that they have the training and experience needed. Check references and confirm licensing as well as driving records before hiring. Where possible, consider additional training to ensure that all your drivers have the skills to stay safe on the roads.

5) Maintain company vehicles.

If you have a fleet of delivery vans or trucks, make sure that they are inspected daily. Even something as simple as an overinflated tire can lead to a rollover accident or a tire blowout. Regular maintenance also can save you money by allowing you to catch and fix problems early – before they become more expensive issues.

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