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How Truck Drivers Work to Stop Crime as Well as Traffic Accidents

Commercial truck drivers do a great deal more than simply deliver cargo for clients. Their intensive training and strict licensing means that they have the driving skills and experience to stop many truck and car collisions in Miami and other Florida cities. Truck drivers also act as eyes on the road, stopping criminal behavior on the road and at truck stops.


Truck Drivers Work to Prevent Traffic Collisions

Most truck drivers have more training and on-the-road experience than passenger car drivers. In some cases, this means that drivers of big rigs and tractor trailers can act quickly to avoid a collision. Truckers may be able to predict a dangerous maneuver and evade a collision. They are also trained in crash avoidance techniques. When other motorists drive unsafely around trucks, they put everyone at risk. In some cases, it is only the quick thinking of truckers that can prevent tragedy.

Truck Drivers Work to Prevent Human Trafficking

Truck drivers may be approached and solicited at truck stops and rest areas, so they are on the front lines of the battle against human trafficking. There is a group, Truckers Against Trafficking that helps truck drivers understand the dangers of human trafficking and helps drivers recognize the signs of trafficking. Truck drivers who see signs of this type of organized crime can call the group or police in order to help get abused women and children off the streets and away from dangerous situations.

Truck Drivers Work to Prevent Crime

Truck drivers are in a position to spot and stop crime. Earlier this month, for example, a truck driver was recognized for his bravery after he spotted suspicious activity at a stop in New Kent, Virginia. It turned out that the truck drivers action’s helped save a young girl who had been kidnapped from her home. Acting quickly, the driver called 911 and the girl was rescued. Her captors were arrested. This is not an isolated story. Since truck drivers are on the road and stop at rest stops, they are in a position where they can see and report a range of criminal activity, from drug trafficking to dangerous driving to assault. Each year, commercial drivers contact police and help runway children, victims of drunk driving, and victims of assault in Miami and across the country.

You Can Help

You don’t have to be a truck driver to keep our roads and streets safer for everyone. You can support groups that fight against child exploitation, abuse, and drunk driving. You can also report suspicious activity you see on the roads.

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