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How to Increase the Chances of a Successful Truck Accident Claim in Homestead or Your Community

If you have been in a collision involving a tractor-trailer, tanker, big rig, or any larger vehicle, the injuries you sustain and the damages your car sustains may be significant. The larger force and size of the truck can simply mean that squeeze play accidents and other collisions can lead to your car being crushed or severely damaged.


You count on your car insurance company to protect you in these types of situations, but not every person injured in a trucking collision gets the compensation and outcomes they desire. You can increase your chances of a successful claim by:

1) Taking lots of photos.

Take photos of the truck that hit you and your car as well as the accident scene. Take lots of photos of your injuries. The more photos you have, the more you can show what happened to cause the injury.

2) Keep lots of detailed records about the accident.

Include any witness statements, medical reports, bills, a journal of your symptoms, police reports, as well as any other pieces of paper related to your accident. This documentation can help you prove your claim in court or in a settlement.

3) Being cautious about what you say to the insurance adjuster.

An insurance adjuster may try to encourage you to settle your case or may want you to release your medical records to them. Before making any decisions regarding your insurance company, you want to get the legal facts about your case as well as legal advice from someone who is on your side. One of the best ways to do this is by talking to a personal injury attorney in Homestead or your community. If you don’t know a personal injury attorney, you can always contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation and free initial advice.

4) Getting the full amount of medical treatment you need.

Leaving a doctor’s care early, not cooperating fully with treatments and missing doctors’ appointments can all hurt your claim. Even if you feel better, continue going to the doctor until your doctor decides there is no more treatment available for you.

Failing to do this can mean complications. It can also hurt your claim because it can mean the other insurance company can claim you’re less injured than it initially appeared. If you’re worried about paying for doctors’ appointments, contact a personal injury attorney for advice. He or she can help you find resources and can offer advice on how to proceed so you don’t hurt your claim or your health.

5) Looking to all possible avenues for compensation and coverage.

You may be covered by more than one policy and you may be able to pursue more than one liable party in a legal claim. Always speak to a personal injury attorney in Homestead or your community to help you understand your choices.

If you’d like honest and thorough legal advice and representation for your claim, contact Flaxman Law Group. We have offices in Homestead, Hollywood, and Miami to serve clients across the entire southern Florida area. We always offer a free initial consultation so you can get to know us and so we can help address some of your initial concerns before you make any decisions about your case.