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Could a Clear Truck Prevent Trucking Accidents?

We’ve all had the experience: you’re driving on the road and you get stuck behind a large truck, such as an 18-wheeler or big rig. You may not feel comfortable driving behind larger vehicle, knowing that the truck driver probably can’t see you. But how can you safely drive around the large truck? Each year, truck accidents in Hollywood and other communities in Florida are caused by drivers who can’t see around larger vehicles and by truck drivers who can’t see cars in their blind spots. The visibility issues large tankers and tractor trailers cause on our roads is a serious concern.


We all know big rigs and tractor trailers have lots of blind spots, but at least one company is considering designing “see-through trucks” to reduce the risk of collisions. These trucks, developed by Samsung, are not actually see-through. Instead, they have large screens on the back of the truck, showing passenger car drivers behind the truck exactly what the truck driver sees in front of them. A camera in the truck’s cab streams a front-of-the-truck view to the screen in real time.

The advantages of see-through trucks

According to Samsung and safety experts, see through trucks can help make a difference to car safety in a two key ways:

1) By letting car drivers behind trucks see exactly what the truck driver is seeing. This allows car drivers to see any obstacles, accidents, potholes, and other dangers, giving the drivers enough time to respond adequately.

2) By making passing safer. When cars can see clearly around the truck – including everything that the truck driver can see from their elevated position in the cab – they’re better able to make decisions about when to pass, meaning they’re less likely to cut off the truck or pass at a dangerous time.

The case against see-through trucks

Not everyone agrees see-through trucks are the answer. Some experts say that the trucks could in fact be a danger for two reasons:

1) See-through trucks will not affect driver responses. In many cases, car accidents are caused not just by poor visibility but by impatient drivers who don’t know how to drive safely around larger vehicles. See-through trucks may give passenger car drivers more information, but it’s still up to drivers to drive responsibly.

2) The trucks may be distracting. Seeing a truck with a large screen on the back is unusual, and safety experts believe it may be distracting for other drivers, especially at first, potentially leading to an increase in car accidents.

Ultimately, any truck –whether “see-through” or not — requires passenger car drivers to slow down, give trucks extra room, and to use caution on the roads. In addition, it’s unlikely that we’re going to be seeing a lot of see-through trucks on the roads anytime soon. These vehicles are costly, relatively new, and it’s unlikely that truck companies will be swapping out their fleets for the new models. It’s still an interesting idea to consider.

If you’ve been injured by a truck accident and believe that the fault was someone else’s, you may have a legal claim if negligence played a role in your accident. To get the facts and to find out more about your rights in your specific situation, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free case evaluation.